Amtrak’s delayed response to emergency leads to $158 million lawsuit win for Kansas City metro family


Independence, Missouri – A Kansas City metro family has been awarded $158 million in a federal lawsuit tied to a tragic incident that took place in 2022. This lawsuit was centered around a deadly shooting on an Amtrak train in Lee’s Summit, Missouri, spotlighting significant concerns over the safety and response measures of Amtrak during emergencies.

Lawsuit Highlights Major Safety Concerns

The lawsuit brought forth by the family argued that Amtrak’s delay in seeking emergency assistance and the absence of adequate security on the train directly contributed to the fatal outcome of the event. According to reports, the suspect involved in the incident, Marquise Webb, had boarded the train in Illinois.

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The sequence of events unfolded with Lee’s Summit police addressing an armed carjacking on January 14, 2022, near Konrad’s in Lee’s Summit. Concurrently, a separate incident was unfolding on the Amtrak train, where a shooting took place. By the time authorities arrived at the scene, the suspect, Webb, had already gotten off the train in Lee’s Summit.

Unfortunately, the victim of the shooting, identified as Richie T. Aaron Jr. from Independence, Missouri, received treatment only after the train reached Independence, 35 minutes following the incident. Despite the first responders’ efforts to save him, Aaron Jr. succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

In the aftermath of these events, a Jackson County judge delivered a verdict last year, sentencing Marquise Webb to 28 years in prison for his role in the shooting.

This case has not only brought justice to the victim’s family through a significant financial award but also raised critical questions about the safety protocols and emergency response measures on public transportation, particularly on Amtrak trains.

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