Haley has brutal plan on retirement age if she becomes president, and Americans won’t like it


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis decided to suspended his presidential campaign leaving former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley as only real challenger to former U.S. President Donald Trump. After the Iowa caucus, DeSantis decided to make the unpopular but right move since Trump enjoys the support from most of Republican voters and prominent Republicans.

Haley is still in the race despite huge gap with Trump

In New Hampshire, Trump defeated Haley despite some polls showing Haley improvement among voters. The campaign is getting heated lately and Haley has launched an “all-out-attack” mode on Trump. But what Haley should focus on is – the voters. Early last month, Haley spoke about retirement age if she becomes president, something that most of the media didn’t notice, but Americans won’t like.

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In the fifth debate for the Republican presidential candidates of the 2024 elections, Nikki Haley, who used to work as the Ambassador to the United Nations, talked about making young people wait longer to start getting Social Security retirement money if she becomes president.

During this debate in Iowa, Haley was competing with Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida, who was still in the running. The debate didn’t have former President Donald Trump, who is leading the race for the 2024 Republican nomination, because he turned down the invitation from CNN, the debate host. Other Republicans couldn’t join in because they didn’t meet the criteria set by CNN.

DeSantis refused, but Haley has nothing against raising retirement age for Americans

When the moderators brought up the subject of Social Security, DeSantis mentioned he didn’t want to make the retirement age higher because people aren’t living as long as before. However, Haley mentioned that young people, especially those in their 20s, should expect to work for more years.

“I don’t see how you can raise the retirement age when our life expectancy is collapsing in this country,” DeSantis said. “That’s a huge problem in and of itself.”

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Haley if voters in their 20s should “plan on having to work until they’re 70” should she become president. Under the current U.S. law, claimants born in 1960 or later must wait until they turn 67 to collect their full retirement benefits.

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“They should plan on their retirement age being increased. Yes, we’re going to change it to reflect more black life expectancy should be,” Haley said without providing an exact age of what she would propose raising the age to.

“We have to go and start looking at what we can do to get out of this,” she added. “We want to make sure that everybody who was promised gets it [benefits], but we also want to make sure our kids have something when they get it, too.”

In the talk about Social Security, Haley pointed fingers at DeSantis for previously voting three times to increase the age people can start receiving benefits to 70 years old, and she claimed he wasn’t being honest about it.

“He can call me whatever name and be demeaning as much as he wants. It doesn’t change the fact that Ron’s lying because Ron’s losing. Everybody in the country sees it for what it is,” she said.

DeSantis replied by highlighting a disagreement they have about Social Security.

He continued: “But it’s not an entitlement. You’re paying into it. It’s not a welfare program. You’re being taxed for this your whole life. You expect to have benefits on the back end.”


  1. Politicians are the biggest Liars and thieves they spend our money like it was theirs and many of them have been in office way too long they should step down that’s all I have to say this isn’t the America I remember God bless America

  2. I think it’s absurd to consider raising the age to 70. The population is not healthier. Young adults are struggling and having to choose between paying student loans eating or moving back with there parents. Compare to other countries we are working our citizens to death. Forget about working and enjoying your retirement. We need to tax people of higher income and put more money in the social security. And stop giving free medical (Medicaid and social security if you haven’t put into the system like all Americans have.

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