Kansas City enacts new ordinance banning income discrimination for renters


Kansas City, Missouri – In a significant move toward equality and housing security, Mayor Quinton Lucas of Kansas City signed an ordinance earlier this week that prohibits income discrimination against renters, marking a pivotal moment in the city’s commitment to ensuring fair housing for all its residents.

This landmark decision aims to eliminate the barriers faced by individuals and families who are often marginalized based on their source of income, whether it be through public assistance programs, non-traditional employment, or facing challenges due to credit history.

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Creating Opportunities and Addressing Housing Crisis

The ordinance, which received a decisive 10 to 3 vote of approval from the City Council last Thursday, is seen as a crucial step towards addressing the city’s housing crisis.

Mayor Lucas highlighted the importance of this ban, stating, “What the ban does, in so many words, is create opportunity for people.”

He further emphasized that the ordinance sends a clear message of inclusivity and equality, affirming that all residents, regardless of their income source or family structure, deserve the right to safe and affordable housing in Kansas City.

“It also is something that fundamentally says, in Kanas City, you are equal, and you belong. No matter how you earn your income, no matter how you live and survive, no matter your family, you belong here. Everyone deserves a safe, affordable place to sleep,” the mayor added.

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