Kansas City Health Department seeks community input through health surveys


Kansas City, Missouri – The Kansas City Health Department is set to launch an initiative aimed at enhancing community health by engaging residents directly through a series of surveys scheduled for the summer and fall of 2024. This outreach effort represents a significant step towards addressing local health challenges by collecting valuable input from the people most affected by them.

Empowering Residents to Shape Health Policy

Residents of Kansas City will have the opportunity to influence public health policies and programs through their participation in two key surveys. The first survey, focusing on mental health, will be distributed during the week of June 3rd. A second survey, targeting chronic health issues, will follow in the fall. These surveys are designed to gather comprehensive data on the health concerns that matter most to Kansas City households.

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By dedicating just 15-20 minutes to complete each survey, participants will not only help the Health Department gauge urgent health needs but also earn a chance to win a $100 gift card. This incentive is part of the department’s strategy to encourage widespread community participation.

Addressing Pressing Health Questions

The insights gained from these surveys will be instrumental in answering several critical questions for the Health Department, such as the need for intensified diabetes prevention efforts, challenges in accessing healthcare providers, and factors impacting the mental health of residents. The confidentiality of the survey responses ensures that participants can freely express their health concerns without compromising their privacy.

Dr. Marvia Jones, Kansas City’s Director of Health, emphasized the importance of community feedback: “One of the best things about working as the health director for Kansas City residents is that folks will talk to me in the grocery store, the post office, my kids’ school—anywhere really—about their concerns around community health. A big part of my job is to ensure that the funds provided to the Health Department are applied to the most pressing needs of our residents.”

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Focusing on Mental Health

The emerging mental health crisis is a key focus for the Health Department, as highlighted by Dr. Alex Francisco, Chief Science Officer: “As we begin to address the emerging mental health crisis nationwide, our survey will provide the first Kansas City-specific snapshot of our residents’ mental health. We want to hear from you to best meet our community’s needs. This survey is a first step to ensuring that we can work towards improving residents’ mental well-being in the years to come.”

Residents are asked to return their completed surveys in the pre-addressed reply envelopes to ETC Institute, 725 W. Frontier Circle, Olathe, KS 66061. This participatory approach not only allows residents to voice their health concerns but also plays a vital role in shaping the future of public health services in Kansas City.

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