Three Missouri men went to watch a football game at a house in Kansas City. Three days later they were found dead.


Kansas City, Mo. – In Kansas City, three friends gathered to enjoy a football match at a residence. This information comes from their relatives and acquaintances. Tragically, three days after their get-together, these same men were found lifeless near the same house.

The Kansas City Police recently identified the deceased individuals as Ricky Johnson, aged 38, David Harrington, 37, and Clayton McGeeney, 36.

Late on Tuesday, the grim discovery of their bodies was made when McGeeney’s fiancée came to search for them, as reported by a Kansas City Police Department representative.

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According to two acquaintances who talked to Inside Edition Digital, the trio had initially visited the house to watch a Kansas City Chiefs game on Sunday. Since then, there had been no contact with them.

The friends also mentioned that their attempts to contact the current resident of the house were unsuccessful following the game. The police, however, have not provided any statement on this matter.

When no one answered the door on Tuesday evening, McGeeney’s fiancée forced entry into the house’s basement, a detail shared by a police spokesperson with Inside Edition Digital.

The first body was found by her on the rear porch, as confirmed by the police spokesperson.

Shortly after, police arrived and discovered two additional bodies in the backyard during their investigation, as stated by the spokesperson.

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The individual residing in the home has not faced any criminal charges. With no clear evidence of wrongdoing and the investigation ongoing, authorities are awaiting the medical examiner’s report for more clarity on the situation, as per a police spokesperson.

Currently, there’s no additional information, but the police spokesperson mentioned that a search warrant for the house is being prepared.

Regarding the claims made by the upset friends and family, the police have chosen not to comment.

“This man [redacted] was inside his home alive while my friends were dead in his yard for lord knows how long. They were all hanging out since after the game Sunday. He KNEW people were looking for them,” wrote Kaylee La Tier on Facebook.

“He read messages of people searching for him on Tuesday. My husband banged on his door for 20 min. My friend banged on his door and then busted a window and yelled and announced her presence while she’s inside and still nothing from him?? Then the cops come 10 min later and he comes out nonchalant in his boxers with an empty wine glass in hand??!”

Another friend made a similar claim on her Facebook.

“3 men do not just go outside and freeze to death while the owner of the home – their ‘friend’ stays inside and only when police show up come outside in boxers like you’ve just been chillin for 2 days while your 3 friends are dead outside,” said Lyndsey Rae Baldwin. “Make noise here people – this story is not okay!! He had been contacted for over 24 hours prior about where our friends were – and also their cars still parked at his house – and didn’t reply to anyone!”

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The mother of David Harrington, Jennifer Marquez, told Fox 4 that the person living in the home allegedly told police that his friends froze to death.

“I’m furious. Everybody is furious,” said Marquez. “Nobody believes this story. None of his friends, none of the families, none of us believe.”

The family of Ricky Johnson, a married father of three, has started a GoFundMe to help with funeral expenses.

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