Too little, too late: Biden admin announces weak migrant measure to address safety concerns amid border fiasco


In recent years, illegal immigration has become a significant issue, particularly in Texas due to its extensive border with Mexico. California has also experienced a substantial influx of migrants recently, potentially setting a record for this fiscal year, according to experts. Many Republicans argue that the immigration crisis is the worst in U.S. history and blame the Biden administration for not providing adequate support to secure the southern border. In response, Republican-led states have taken measures independently, allocating resources and personnel to assist Texas in managing illegal immigration.

A hot political topic

Illegal immigration is a prominent topic in the current presidential campaign. The likely Republican nominee, former President Donald Trump, frequently criticizes President Joe Biden over the immigration issue. Meanwhile, Biden’s campaign is attempting to redirect focus towards other important matters such as abortion rights, but the pervasive concern about illegal immigration is capturing the attention of many Americans, including those not directly impacted.

President Biden launched new migrant measure to improve safety, critics argue that these actions are insufficient and perhaps too late
Border wall in California, credit: Unsplash

Insufficient and late implementation

Since entering office over three years ago, the Biden administration has been criticized for its handling of illegal immigration, perceived as allowing easier access for millions of migrants. This issue could potentially influence the outcome of the upcoming presidential election. Despite recent efforts by President Biden and the federal government to tackle major issues, including immigration, critics argue that these actions are insufficient and perhaps too late implemented.

Looking at a desperate measure by the federal government

The proposal seeks to expedite the expulsion of asylum seekers identified as national security threats or those with serious criminal convictions. President Joe Biden, who is campaigning for re-election in November, continues to face sharp criticism from Republicans, including his probable opponent, Donald Trump. They claim he has allowed a high number of undocumented individuals to cross the southern U.S. border.

Border personnel to quickly identify those with criminal past

This initiative would enable authorities to quickly reject asylum claims from individuals with certain criminal backgrounds shortly after their arrival. Under the current system, applicants can remain in the country until their cases are heard by an immigration judge, a process that can span years and consume substantial resources, as stated by Homeland Security. The proposed rule will be open to a 30-day public comment period before it can be implemented.

President Biden launched new migrant measure to improve safety, critics argue that these actions are insufficient and perhaps too late
Soldiers securing the border, credit: Texas Gov. Abbott X

Faster removal from the list

The new measure will facilitate “the swift identification and removal of individuals who pose a security risk and have no legal right to stay,” according to a statement from Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. It specifically targets those “convicted of particularly serious crimes, involved in persecuting others, or inadmissible on grounds related to national security or terrorism,” the department explains.

In March, U.S. authorities detained nearly 190,000 individuals attempting to cross the border from Mexico without authorization, as per government statistics. The majority of these individuals were from Latin American countries. This figure represents a slight decrease from February and is significantly lower than the 302,000 encounters recorded in December.

Unsuccessful border bill

Republicans have also played a role in the continuing illegal immigration crisis in America, particularly in recent months. Earlier this year, House Republicans defeated a Democratic initiative that would have significantly increased border security funding. This funding was part of a broader bill that also sought to allocate billions for foreign aid. Despite this, Democrats, with the support of the majority of House Republicans, succeeded in passing the government funding package in April. This package included considerable aid for various foreign countries, including Ukraine.

This action sparked a new crisis among Republican lawmakers in the House, leading to Georgia Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene filing a motion to oust Speaker Mike Johnson.

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