Commissioner Jerry Nolte enters Republican Primary for State Senate District 17


Kansas City, Mo. – Jerry Nolte, who serves as a Commissioner for Clay County, has thrown his hat into the ring for the State Senate seat in District 17, under the Republican primary. He made this announcement through a news release, stating his commitment to tackle major public safety issues and assist families dealing with the economic squeeze caused by rising prices.

Jerry Nolte is known as a vocal supporter of tackling major challenges

During his time as Commissioner, Nolte has been a vocal supporter of tackling major challenges in the county. His campaign is built around key issues like tackling illegal immigration, ensuring the security of the borders, and fighting against human trafficking. Leveraging his past role as the Chair of the Immigration Committee while in the Missouri House, Nolte has led initiatives aimed at strengthening immigration laws and boosting border safety to protect the people living in his area.

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Nolte has also shown a strong commitment to wise spending of government funds and lowering taxes. His efforts have resulted in lower property taxes and made sure that the people’s money is being used efficiently. His push for economic development and job creation is highlighted by his support for the Manufacturing Jobs Act, which was crucial in keeping the Ford Claycomo plant operational and bringing substantial investments into the local economy.

“I am proud of my work to help bolster our local economy and create jobs in Clay County. Whether it’s through initiatives like the Manufacturing Jobs Act or advocating for strategic investments in infrastructure and community development projects, my focus remains on fostering economic growth and prosperity for all residents,” Nolte said.

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“Right now our families are feeling the economic crunch of higher prices at the pump and grocery store. I will continue to fight to provide quality jobs and tax relief for our families every change I get.

Public safety and fighting crime in the focus

Jerry Nolte has always been a strong supporter of general safety and fighting crime. He has worked hard to get more money for police, including funding for the new Gladstone Dispatch Center and necessary gear like bulletproof vests. This shows how much he cares about keeping our community safe and sound.

“Ensuring the safety and security of Clay County has always been my top priority,” Nolte said. “From securing vital resources for law enforcement to standing firm against attempts to defund our Sheriff’s office, I remain steadfast in my commitment to keeping our communities safe and secure.”

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Jerry Nolte running for office again shows he’s never stopped fighting for Clay County’s residents. His ongoing efforts highlight his dedication to good leadership and standing firm on his values.

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