Missing person found dead in a vehicle two weeks after it was towed


Nashville, Tennessee – A discovery was made in a missing person case in Tennessee. The police found the decaying body of a man in his SUV. This vehicle had been towed almost two weeks earlier at the landlord’s request, according to the police.

Orlando Hernandez, 58, was the man found dead. The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department declared his death a murder in a news release on December 28.

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His body was located on December 27 in an SUV parked at a Nashville towing company’s lot, as per police reports.

Officials noted that the victim had been shot several times.

The SUV, a Chevrolet Blazer, was towed from 52 Tusculum Road on December 15 due to the landlord’s request. Orlando Hernandez, the SUV owner and resident of that address, hadn’t been seen for weeks.

The police haven’t mentioned how long Hernandez might have been dead or if they have a suspect in the case.

An employee of the towing service found Hernandez’s body in the SUV’s back seat while inspecting the vehicle, according to police statements.

Hernandez lived alone in a house in Antioch, a neighborhood around 12 miles southeast of Nashville’s downtown area.

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