South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott rips DA Alvin Bragg: ‘He is the only guilty in the courtroom’


On Tuesday, prosecutors and Donald Trump’s lawyers had their closing arguments in the New York hush-money criminal trial. The several-week-long trial is finally coming to an end, which appears to be a relief for both presidential candidates, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump, because the trial had all the media attention for more than a month. Jennifer Palmieri, a longtime Democratic strategist, recently explained that the specter of Trump’s legal travails and the nonstop media coverage around them have also made it difficult for Biden and campaign messaging to break through.

A historic trial

Trump, 77, is the first former US president to be tried for a crime and is charged with 34 counts of fraud related to hush-money that was paid to adult-film actress Stormy Daniels. Prosecutors allege he concealed the payoff and another crime. He has pleaded not guilty, arguing the allegations he faces are not criminal. Trump, his lawyers, and most Republican lawmakers repeatedly blamed the Biden administration for weaponizing the Department of Justice and moving the case to trial as a high-profile and historic event.

During the weekend, Republican Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina was among the latest to attack the Department of Justice while defending Trump. Speaking on CNN’s “State of the Union” on Sunday, Scott, who is also considered a Trump running mate, said that the only one guilty in the courtroom was District Attorney Alvin Bragg.

The conversation

“I do want to ask about closing arguments in the criminal trial in New York. They are set for Tuesday. The jury could deliver a verdict later this week on 34 felony charges. I know you’ve criticized the prosecutors and the judge, but this case will ultimately be decided by 12 ordinary citizens. Do you have faith that the jury is going to deliver a fair verdict?,” Anchor Dana Bash asked Sen. Scott.

Republican Senator Tim Scott from South Carolina said that the only one guilty in the courtroom was District Attorney Alvin Bragg.
Alvin Bragg, Courtesy of Alvin Bragg X

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“Well, there’s no crimes so I assume that they will actually find him innocent. The only person guilty in that courtroom as DA Bragg, guilty of corrupting the justice system, guilty of not doing his job, and guilty of trying to frame an innocent man. It’s really the two tear justice system that has so many Americans concerned about fairness in our country,” Scott responded.

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Bash said, “But just to be clear, you have faith in the jury system. and in particular again, these 12 ordinary Americans who are going to ultimately decide?”

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Scott said, “I know that 96% is the number I’ve heard of the number of Democrats in that area of Manhattan. So I hope that they come to the right decision. I assume that he will be found innocent.”

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