Speaker Johnson silent on Trump’s border bill sabotage while Texas and California fight illegal immigration on their own


A record number of illegal immigrants have entered the country in the last few years, especially since President Joe Biden took over the White House office. Emerging as the most important topic in the presidential campaigns, the federal government, under the leadership of President Biden, has been constantly attacked for not securing the border properly. In the absence of proper measures, illegal immigration has skyrocketed, overwhelming the state of Texas for years, and most recently, California.

As summer approaches, California is expected to experience yet another strong migrant wave at the southern border, and experts are confident that the state will see a record-high number of migrants in the current fiscal year that started in October. Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican from Louisiana, spoke about the current political environment in America, including illegal immigration. He once again used the occasion to attack Democrats for not securing the border for years, but forgot to mention that Trump is the one who indirectly killed the much-needed border wall earlier this year.

On the “Mike & McCarthy” show on KEEL, as reported by Daily Mail, Speaker Johnson was questioned on Tuesday if he had reconciled with the far-right Christian nationalist congresswoman following her unsuccessful attempt to remove him through a “motion to vacate.”

“Oh good grief. You know me, I don’t I don’t carry grudges,” Johnson replied. “I don’t you know, you know, I don’t keep a record of wrongs. I went up to her right after her ridiculous tirade and said, ‘You know what, still gotta work together, Marjorie. … How about training some of that energy against the Democrats?’” “Look. This is all gonna work out. I spend half my day as Speaker of the House and the other half as a mental health counselor,” getting everybody “through their issues”,” he added.

Johnson forgot to say that Dems and GOP worked for months to develop a stringent immigration and border security bill and Trump killed it
House Speaker Mike Johnson and former president Donald Trump, Courtesy of Mike Johnson X

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About securing the border

According to Daily Mail, McCarthy offered a piece of advice to his successor in November, suggesting, “Bring in a psychiatrist for many of these members.” Alongside his comments about the Georgia Republican, Speaker Johnson also criticized President Joe Biden. When questioned about the southern border, Johnson defended House Republicans, asserting, “we’ve been fighting since Joe Biden took office and began issuing executive orders to open it wide.” However, it’s important to note that there are no executive orders that specifically “open it wide.”

Avoiding Trump’s influence about the border bill

He also overlooked the fact that in the Senate, Democrats and Republicans collaborated for months to develop a stringent immigration and border security bill. This bill had the backing of President Biden, Senate Democratic Majority Leader Chuck Schumer, Senate Republican Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, and senators from both parties. However, the bill was ultimately killed by Donald Trump.

Thin majority

Johnson seemed reluctant to collaborate with Democrats, indicating that he had instructed Congresswoman Greene to oppose them.

“Here’s the problem. Everybody has to remember. We have the smallest majority and only one chamber of Congress and I have a one vote margin, right,” Johnson commented. “So I can pass things in the House. But it doesn’t mean it’s gonna become law, because the progressive Democrats run the White House and the Senate and so we sit over our legislation, we pass resolutions. We impeached Secretary Mayorkas at Department of Homeland Security. First time a Cabinet Secretary has been impeached in the history of the United States.”

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Democrats saved Johnson’s position

Throughout Speaker Johnson’s time in office and his predecessor’s, Democrats and Republicans worked together to ensure the federal government remained operational. However, far-right extremists, like Rep. Greene, were in favor of shutting it down. One detail Speaker Johnson left out: Democrats played a crucial role in preserving his position when Congresswoman Greene attempted to remove him.

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