Trump’s recent master move could seal his Presidential comeback


California – Trump last week visited California, where he attended several events as part of his fundraising tour. This was the first fundraising tour for the former president after the guilty verdict, which took place nearly two weeks ago. After California, Trump visited Nevada, where he held a rally. This weekend, Trump is heading to Michigan for several events where he is expected to hold meetings, expose Biden’s epic flops, and discuss betraying the ‘great people’, according to a statement by the Trump campaign.

Busy schedule

Trump’s post guilty verdict busy schedule is part of his campaign to make up for the lost time during the nearly seven-week-long hush money trial in New York. Although it’s still early to tell, Trump’s conviction didn’t seem to impact support. On July 11, just a few days before the start of the Republican National Convention, the presumptive Republican nominee will receive his sentence. Regardless of the sentence, which could also include jail time, Donald Trump is expected to be the Republican nominee for president and face President Joe Biden in November.

Trump’s promises

In April, Trump reportedly held a meeting with top oil and gas executives in Florida, where he allegedly promised to overturn many of Biden’s green agenda laws and policies in exchange for campaign cash. The story, first revealed by The Post in early May, caused serious discomfort among the electorate. However, Trump recently proposed another measure if he wins the presidential race, which could ultimately bring him a considerable number of votes and boost his election efforts amid the very tight race with President Biden.

The details

At a rally in battleground Nevada over the weekend, former President Donald Trump unveiled a new policy objective should he return to the White House: an end to taxing the income workers make from tips. The former president and 2024 GOP candidate used the backdrop of his campaign rally in Las Vegas, where the economy is dominated by tourism and hospitality and many workers rely on tips for income, to debut the proposal.

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“So this is the first time I’ve said this and for those hotel workers and people who get tips, you’re going to be very happy,” Trump told a crowd in Las Vegas on Sunday, “because when I get to office, we are going to not charge taxes on tips, people making tips.”

Calling it “deserved,” Trump added he would move on the policy change “right away, first thing in office.”

A master move

Currently, workers must report their tips as taxable income. Former President Donald Trump’s recent proposal aims to eliminate this tax, a move designed to attract service industry workers as he and President Joe Biden both vie for the support of organized labor. This support could be pivotal in winning over blue-collar workers in crucial swing states for their anticipated rematch in the upcoming November elections.

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“Hopefully Rank and File Union Members, Union Leadership itself, and Workers all over the Country, both Union and Non-Union, will support Donald J. Trump, because I’m NO TALK AND ALL ACTION!“ the former president wrote in a post on his social media site, Truth Social. 

Trump’s tactic

Trump introduced this idea during a rally on Sunday, providing further details about his plans for tax policies. This comes as the major tax reductions he enacted in 2017 are due to end next year. He has expressed intentions to continue these tax cuts if he wins the presidency in 2025.

At the same rally, Trump criticized President Biden’s latest executive action regarding border policy, using strong language to express his disapproval. He also relaunched his outreach to Hispanic voters under a revamped campaign, now titled “Latino Americans for Trump,” which was formerly known as “Latinos for Trump.”

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While Democrats have historically enjoyed solid support from Latino voters, recent polling shows Biden and Trump are close when it comes to support from this voter group.

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